Recap of BlogHer 216

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the BlogHer Conference. The three-day event was held in sunny Los Angeles, California with keynote speakers like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sheryl Crow, and social media mogul, Kim Kardashian West.

Sarah Michelle Gellar talked about her new business and challenges of being a woman entrepreneur. Sheryl Crow focused on her battle with breast cancer and living a simpler, less technological life with her two boys. Kim Kardashian drew the most media attention for the event, focusing on life in the public eye.

My favorite break-out session was with speakers Tiffany Pham and Julie Ross Godar. Tiffany is the Founder and CEO of Mogul, a platform for connecting women to trending content, while Julie oversees the editorial aspects for Together they spoke about Owning Your Expertise. As women, we tend to minimize our accomplishments and undermine own proficiency on anything from mothering to our career performance. It resonated with me and my mission to encourage others to “love your bling” and highlight that which makes you unique.

Being in LA, there was a slew of celebrities. I woke up bright and early for an event hosted by Staples with surprise celebrity guests Gabrielle Reese and Lori Loughlin. My inner teen fangirl came out for an event hosted by Goodnites underwear with guest Ian Ziering star of a few Sharknado films and my personal fave the original 90210.

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Another fun aspect of the conference is, of course, the swag. There was also an expo hall with great sponsors such Garnier, Best Buy, Baskin Robbins, and Russell Stover Candies to name a few. Love Your Bling® was also a sponsor via The Artisan Group, but was lucky enough to receive handmade swag by Clever Kim’s Curios, JDzigner, Starletta Designs, Nan Gates Designs, and BadTags.



Swag from The Artisan Group®

BlogHer was the third conference I have attended this year, with one more scheduled for the end of September. It is always good to network with other people that speak your same language about what you are interested in and escape your everyday routine.

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